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The furniture that constitutes the interior decoration of the Norman houses is rather varied and important, but it is the wardrobe which occupies the preponderant place there. This importance is double because the wardrobe has a very sentimental value since it is most often brought by the girl at the time of marriage, and it containswe have a kitin. It was not necessarily placed in the room of the spouses, but occupied the best place in the most beautiful room, because it also represented a symbol of the social rank of the young bride.

It is in the eighteenth century that the Norman wardrobe takes the characteristic form that we know today: two leaves, resting on curved legs and equipped with a broad cornice with large carved decoration, it combines structure and repertoire Louis XV with Louis XVI motifs. It is at this same time of economic and social stability allowing a certain elevation of the conditions of life that it enters the bourgeois and peasant residences. Even today, it symbolizes all marriage and creation of the new home.
She was brought as a dowry by the bride along with her keychain. THE'cabinet Norman has both an emotional charge but it also symbolizes family wealth ...

DestinéTo shake the bride's trousseau, the linen, and the savings of the couple, she played in the common room in the wardrobe of the mother-in-law. Its realization was the subject of a special order from a local cabinetmaker who offered parents drawings and models often inspired by Parisian ornamentalists.
The sculpture motifs on the Norman wardrobe were extremely varied. The craftsmen were very imaginative, they often presented several models of Norman wardrobes to the bride and groom!
These regionalized motifs - sheaves of wheat, rakes, cornucopia, attributes of the arts - paint a "portrait" of these farmers, tradesmen, and noblemen. They mingle with a rich floral repertoire: wild roses, daisies, roses ... If a single rose wardrobe was the simplest model, the one with several roses was the richest, beauty and price depending on the ornamentation and of the number of these flowers.
The Norman wardrobe comes in as many variants as regional entities: Manche, Seine-Maritime, Orne, Calvados, Eure and Cotentin. Each department has a particular type of decoration: daisies in the Eure, draperies and foliage with four windings  at Tinchebray, the columns of angles at Vire, the cornice in a gendarme's hat in the country of Caux.
 The most important centers of the work of the Norman wardrobe were in Fécamp, Bolbec, Caen and Saint-Lô, but the richest cabinets were those manufactured in Calvados, in Caen.
The Norman wardrobe is recognizable among all the basket of flowers, the couple of doves pecking, the quiver garnished with arrows and crossed by a torch or flower basket carved high relief in the center of the cornice. Just as significant are the oblique medallions adorned with various attributes on the fretwork panels. For these sculptures, the Prussian oak was sometimes used with a softer texture and therefore easier to work with (it was imported from Riga to Fécamps from 1814).
In general, the oak remains the wood of choice, especially the oak "merrain" which one appreciates the marbled effect very decorative. Birch, elm and fir, although more modest, are also used. Participate in the richness of a model fittings, locks and wrought iron plugs for older, copper for the most recent; they form delicate foliage or zoomorphic motifs (cock heads, dolphins, swan necks) or are engraved with flower baskets.

The wardrobe finds its place in all the rooms of your house. It is of course found in the bedroom, but also in the dining room as a buffet. In an entry as
wardrobe. the cabinetwill be the centerpiece of your interior and for smaller pieces: we can offer you customized cupboards with the carving decor that you want.

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