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The centenary tree will beautify your home.

If you have a few minutes to give me, I would like to share with you my passion for solid wood furniture, of the home-made furniture and nature.
I would like to inform you about all the stages of the transformation of the tree towards the interior of your dwelling.

This magnificent oak matured over 100 years must be used properly or it will end in firewood or pulp.
What would be really sacrilege for this exemplary tree, poorly trained or rugged specimens will suffer this spell so this tree will be felled.
The loggers will take care of this task.

The specialized carrier will drive the log to the sawmill, it will be debited in planks and boards by sawyers who will take care to tease them to let the air pass between each board which will allow to begin the natural drying of the wood.
After a few years outside, these solid oak boards will be placed in a dryer to finish drying in order to lower the hygrometry of the wood, to be used in the manufacturing of solid furniture, rustic furniture, contemporary furniture, regional furniture, style furniture, dining room, bedroom, offices, libraries, complementary furniture, etc ...
This step is probably the most important because our homes are more and more efficient insulation and more comfortable, energy saving requires.

So a home-made furniture, placed in an overheated environment, too dry or on the contrary too wet could be damaged.
It is for this reason that it is imperative to use wood with drying suitable for offer you the maximum guarantee and thus give you any satisfaction for your new traditional furniture or your contemporary furniture manufactured according to ancestral methods, in the rules of the art.

This is the job of cabinetmaker who must cut, plan, wrinkle, machine, calibrate, mold, groove, drill, assemble panels, make tenons, mortises.

Then come the time of the assembly or the talented cabinetmaker must assemble the volute legs with the crosspieces, must provide that the panels have sufficient clearance for expansion or removal.

Of course before mounting the panels, thecabinetmaker take care of tint the edge of each of these panels with hue with water in order to prevent the first weeks of heating of the house from appearing a white band of a few millimeters along the entire length of the panel very unpleasant to look at a quality solid furniture.

He must also make sure that the assemblies by tenon, mortise, ankles are perfect, so as and the solid furniture takes shape and appears in cabinet, buffet, table, library, bed, bedside, console, office, enfilade, jam maker, bonnetiere, standing man, clerk's cupboard, silversmith, chair, dressing-bed, hand-made furniture, French furniture, sideboard, bonnetière, dressing-room, dresser, two-body sideboard.
For Norman furniture, Louis XIV style furniture, Louis XV, regency, our sculptors intervene on all the traverses feet scrolls, doe feet, cornices panels, dormant amounts, offering you an irreproachable quality of sculpture.

Your Norman cabinet or style armoire is entirely hand carved by two very talented woodcarving artists.
All these sculptures enrich your solid furniture, copy of antique furniture by the finesse and charm of country motifs, apple blossoms, roses, bouquets of flowers, ears of wheat, doves, baskets of flowers, etc ...

Or stylish furniture, with curves, rosettes, and well-made arabesques, sculpted in the mass of solid wood, with the tools that our ancestors sculptors used a few centuries ago, gouges, chisels, flats, scissors a various woods.

Our job has changed little and we let's perpetuate the tradition giving to all our massive furniture, rustic furniture copies of antique furniture, furniture of Normandy, Brittany or elsewhere, their authenticity and value.

Our expertise is great and recognized by our customers and by a large part of the profession, it is no coincidence that our company still exists thirty years after its creation.

The next step is finishing, after trimming the joints and intensive sanding with increasingly fine sandpaper to eliminate all traces of machines and hand tools used in the manufacture of solid furniture.

The varnishers will have to give the color to the furniture, that is to say use the shade with the water much more ecological because it contains less harmful products for the man and the environment.

After the drying of this layer, the varnisher applies with the aid of a gun the cellulosic hard bottom layer which closes the pores of the wood making this wood less permeable.
The solid furniture must be roughed with very fine sandpaper in order to eliminate the asperities caused by the layer of color with water, (by drying the pore of the wood goes back up) and thus to give a perfect touch avoiding the housewife of hang the rag when she does the housework.

We can also offer for rustic furniture, copies of antique furniture, traditional furniture, Norman furniture, furniture from Normandy, handmade furniture, furniture from France, what we call in our profession the antique patina.

That is, after a first graduation, we do VOLUNTARILY, blows, holes, slits, joint openings on the panels, flies of flies (fake of course), fake holes of worms, fake galleries of worms, etc ...

All this is done with tools that we made ourselves, this work consists in giving premature aging to traditional furniture, copies of antique furniture, rustic furniture, generally we let appear some wood defects small knots, slight cracks, thread tortuous wood, etc ... to give a stamp of antique furniture to these copies.

Then a layer of colored patina will be applied to the entire furniture often we use black brown for rustic furniture, copies of antique furniture, handmade furniture, traditional furniture Norman furniture, solid furniture, furniture. Normandy furniture, Norman cabinets, country furniture and for contemporary furniture, high-end furniture, patinas of all colors white, burgundy, red, black, bleached, whitewashed, grayed.

This layer is lined with very fine steel wool, it remains only in the pore of the wood, the hollow moldings and sculptures to give relief to these, bringing out the beautiful veining of solid wood and it allows to mitigate or accentuate the differences in tone of solid wood thus breaking with the monotony of veneered wood, too uniform for my taste.

The top coat is a topcoat of cellulosic varnish to give a satiny appearance and all its shine to the furniture or a layer of beeswax that gives an incomparable touch to the furniture and a fragrance reminiscent of grandmothers' furniture that they waxed lovingly several times a year.
REST ASSURED today it's very easy with our beeswax aerosol that you can find in our maintenance section of the furniture, to use once a year, without effort, a simple stroke of cloth is sufficient after the vaporization of the wax. 'bee to find an exceptional patina.
After all these explanations, I hope to have convinced you to buy your furniture at home, I add that by taking the decision to acquire massive furniture you participate in the regeneration of the forest.
By this ecological gesture, the century-old oak will leave room for various plants that had disappeared under its leafy head preventing light from passing and killing all the vegetation in its perimeter.
It will be reborn now and it will again be able to shelter all the fauna and the local flora, rabbits, hares, deer, foxes, amphibians, reptiles, insects, birds, etc ..., will be able to shelter and reproduce peacefully under the ferns and other plants.
Without thinking you are doing service to nature, after a few years, young trees will come out above the ferns, it will select the most beautiful specimens.

To maintain them so that they become again magnificent trees which will be able in a century to be used for the manufacture of massive furniture.
French forest can not relocate to China so it will generate a lot of jobs on our territory which is very good for our economy and the hiring of young people who will flourish in the job of their choice, in the middle of nowhere, far from the pollution of our big cities . Here are some good reasons to buy massive furniture.

You want to have fun in investing in handcrafted furniture, a Norman wardrobe, rustic furniture, contemporary furniture, country furniture.

All these home-made furniture are very strong, extremely robust, they are transmitted from generation to generation.
They will come at a certain time enrich our heritage existing, passing from the status of copies of antique furniture into real antique furniture, according to our antique friends.

If there had been no cabinetmakers, wood carvers, antique dealers and junk dealers would not sell expensive furniture today.
Our copies of antique furniture will be the antiques of tomorrow or after good and loyal services they can be recycled without problems which will be good for the planet.

Do not hesitate to indulge yourself with the acquisition of beautiful solid furniture, high-end furniture, rustic furniture or contemporary furniture, furniture of yesterday for your interiors today is always a great moment in life.

The robustness combined with the longevity of solid furniture, their beauty combined with the finesse of the sculpture will bring the sun into your homes.

In many years, future generations will be very happy to own the massive furniture of parents or grandparents.

Who has not dreamed one day of recovering the Norman cupboard or the grandmother's sideboard and so sremember full of beautiful and good memories.
From now on ORDER them online.

Or come see us, you will be well received, we want to work for you.

We want to deliver these beautiful massive furniture, copies of old or contemporary furniture, high-end furniture that will beautify and enrich your interior, bring you all satisfaction to store your precious business more you can admire them as soon as your eyes s' will stop on them, nothing better than to feel good at home in an interior that looks like you and that you have embellished over time.
Your family, your friends, your acquaintances will no doubt congratulate you when they come to visit you, for your good taste of the decoration and the choice of your beautiful massive furniture, copies of old or your contemporary furniture of your apartment or your house.

Some of them will be admiring, others may be envious but what is sure is that each time, they will ask you the address of your supplier.

You will answer that he is an artisan of furniture and sculpture, passionate about his job and listening to his clientele called:
5 street of Mont Saint Michel

Tel: 02 33 59 33 70

Contact us Monday to Friday from 9h00 to 12h00 and 14h00 to 17h30.
Store opening from Monday to Saturday 9h00 to 12h00 and 14h00 to 18h30.
Close on Sunday.

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