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Rectangular table - Rectangular table design - Farm table

Online sales of contemporary style rectangular table that rustic oak table that farm table solid wood, all dimensions
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MER solid oak countryside table
Superb rectangular campaign table in solid oak. The legs can be dismantled for easy delivery to your room. Top in solid oak with panels. The top is opening for storing ...
1 640,00 €
Contemporary table with central foot ref Lausanne
Dining room table reference Lausanne. Made of high quality solid oak. Structure in oak of France.Table contemporary ref Lausanne: Alaise and belt in solid oak Center ...
Rectangular table with extensions in solid oak reference ISIS
Contemporary rectangular table in solid oak.High-end manufacturing.Cable oak 100% Massif de France.2 extenders wallets of 50 cm each, arranged in the drawers at the end of ...
2 680,00 €
Rectangular table with extensions in solid oak reference BLM
Rectangular table with extensions in solid oak and dark gray ceramic panels. Quality work in solid oak. Assemblies with tenons and mortises.2 Extensions in wallet of 65 cm ...
2 770,00 €
Louis XV carved oak rectangle table
Beautiful Louis XV oak dining tableTable in solid oak rectangle 2 1M extensions (12 people) Swivel feet with hand carved acanthus leaves.
2 490,00 €
Modern curved table oak and walnut Symphony
Shaped barrel-shaped table in modern and contemporary style. Oak and solid walnut. 2 extensions of 45 cm rows inside. System for opening the table with slides and ball bearings.
2 280,00 €
Contemporary oak table Pyramide
Modern rectangle table in solid oak and frosted glass.Dimensions: L 180 x 100 cm. 1 extends 60 cm incorporated in the center of the table.High quality manufacturing, traditional assembly ...
1 900,00 €
Charming Oak Ceramic Rectangle Table
Dining table in solid oak, ceramic top and extensions.Dimensions: L 180 x 105 cm.2 extenders in 45 wallet cm.Dimensions: L 160 x 95 cm.2 extenders in ...
2 320,00 €
Modern Ceramic Wood Table Canada
Dining Room Table Canada. 2 extensions of 45 cm rows inside. Solid oak and black ceramic.Dimensions: L 180 X 107 cm.Table with 2 extensions for 12 people.Tint: bleached oak, ...
2 350,00 €
rustic oak table, 2 extensions ref BP
Table in solid oak rustic V-legs, 2 extenders in solid oak 50 cm rows in the table.Dimensions: L 180 x 100 cm.Dimensions; L 200 x 100 cm.Dimensions: L 220 x 100 cm.Manufacture of ...
2 350,00 €
Contemporary table in bleached oak, ceramic top
Contemporary table in solid oak, massive ceramic top, 2 extensions of 50 cm with ceramic top.Dimensions: L 180 XN 100 cm.High quality workmanship.
2 880,00 €
Modern table in solid wood. Rectangular ref Soprano table in solid oak. Oak veneer top with solid oak leaf. Feet spindles.Dimensions: L 180 XL 100 x H 77 cm. 1 lengthens wallet ...
2 290,00 €
Country table oak ceramic top ref ard ZA
Rectangular solid oak table, cross legs, ceramic top.2 40 extenders cm ceramic tray rows in the table.Dimensions: L 200 xl 100 cm.Ceramic top ...
2 980,00 €
Ceramic dragonfly rectangle table
Rectangular table Libellule solid oak, solid ceramic tray.2 extensions of 45 cm rows in leaf holder in the table. System of feet to extend the table.Dimensions: L ...
2 190,00 €
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27 results
References per page:
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