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Modern solid wood furniture - Contemporary solid wood furniture
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Modern Belem natural wood dining room
Superb modern dining room furniture in natural oak ref BelemBahut 4 doors and 4 drawers in solid oak from France. Ceramic top and ceramic application on the doors ...
3 240,00 €
Dining room furniture workshop za
Superb dining room of Atelier natural oak range.This range of Atelier dining room is made of solid oak and iron.Neat traditional manufacturing, mounting with tenons and mortises, the ...
2 780,00 €
Modern oak dining room Ref Granville
GRANVILLE dining room set. Made of high quality solid oak. Assembled by tenons and mortaises.Structure in solid oak of France.Solid oak doors, Oak sleepers ...
2 395,00 €
Dining Room in Oregon Massif Ref MTR
Dining room in Oregon Massif ref MTR Superb contemporary dining room in Oregon Massive and ceramic inlays.Orégon is a pine appreciated by cabinetmakers for its solidity.The furniture of ...
1 975,00 €
Louise modern dining room
Modern dining room in solid oak Superb modern dining room in solid oak with a traditional high-end manufacturing. 3 sliding oak doors with 4 drawers. Dimensions ...
290,00 €
Contemporary solid oak dining room ref July
Contemporary dining room in solid oak ref Julie (AVAILABLE IN BAHUT 2P / 4P TABLE L160 / L180 / L200 (cm), VITRINE 2P / 3P) Quality manufacturing solid oak.Assemblages by tenons and ...
2 320,00 €
Modern BLM oak dining room BLM
Modern dining room in natural oak bleached ref BLMProduction of quality: solid oak inside and solid oak outside. The drawers are assembled by dovetails, the doors are ...
4 290,00 €
Contemporary dining room CAPRI
Contemporary dining room CAPRI solid oak, solid oak shelves and backs.Production of quality: mortise and tenon joints, drawers assembled by dovetails.This ...
2 450,00 €
Contemporary dining room complete ref ACM
DESTOCKING: Enjoy this contemporary dining room complete in solid oak and ceramic.Table in ACM oak with ceramic top: Dimensions: L 180 x 100 cm 1 large extension in ...
9 200,00 €
Dining room Modern Sierra white and ceramic
Modern solid wood dining roomSolid oak living room with Sierra ceramicsModern manufacturing: doors and frame in solid oak from France, oak backs and shelves ...
10 038,00 €
Contemporary dining room in solid oak from France ISIS reference
Contemporary dining room ref ISISBuffet dresser 2 solid oak sliding doors from France.Dimensions: L 220 X H 228 X 57 cmHigh-end manufacture in oak 100% Massif de France.Les ...
5 450,00 €
Modern dining room in bleached wood and Sophia ceramic
Magnificent dining room in solid oak and ceramic ref Sophia Dining room furniture in solid oak and solid ceramic, backs and shelves in semi solid oak. 3 sideboard in oak ...
8 403,00 €
Contemporary dining room in whitened oak and ceramic
Dining room ref ZEN solid oak and massive ceramic.High-end manufacture, mortise and tenon joints, ceramic insert in the doors and table top. 2 doors, 3 ...
3 220,00 €
Beaufort contemporary dining room
Beautiful living room in solid oak Beaufort Beaufort living room in solid oak from France. Quality workmanship: Front, doors, cabinet frame and solid oak base.
1 940,00 €
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22 results
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