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Custom libraries - Showcases

Solid wood custom bookcase, oak or solid cherry of all styles and craftsmanship. Reasonable prices and delivery to your home
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superb custom wooden bookcase
Custom made solid wood bookcase furniture.Manufacture of your solid oak or cherry wood furniture according to your dimensions.Mounts and assemblies by tenons and mortises.We offer you ...
Directoire bookcase 6 doors in cherry wood
Magnificent Directoire style bookcase in solid cherry wood. 6-door Directoire bookcase. Dimensions 350 x H 225 x D 52 cm. High-end manufacturing: Solid French cherry, shelves and ...
8 985,00 €
Large library Louis Philippe cherry 5 doors
Large library Louis Philippe style 5 solid cherry doors. Library in cherry from France. Dimensions 300 X H 220 x P 55 cm.Production of very high quality: Cherry of France ...
9 940,00 €
Contemporary TV cabinet ref Trend
Solid oak bookcase TV cabinet. 2 cabinet modern TV cabinet. Lower part 4 doors + 2 drawers. High 1 large sliding door to hide your TV, niches with ...
5 950,00 €
Modern library in cherry ref DES
Modular modern bookcase set in solid cherry. Library made to measure in solid cherry wood with cherry finish and black lacquer. Library arrangement according to your room. Dimensions: L 440 ...
10 580,00 €
Oak modern bookcase R9101
Modern bookcase in solid oak, 2 sliding glass doors ref R9101.2 rows of 6 drawers on each side.Production of quality: assembly and assemblies by tenons and mortises, drawers ...
4 190,00 €
Directoire corner bookcase with custom scale
Directoire style corner bookcase with ladder, solid oak furniture from France.Made-to-measure production possible. Dimensions: L 200 X L 200 x P 52 X H 235 cm.Dimensions necessary for ...
7 980,00 €
Library Directoire Kathia cherry
Solid cherry bookcase Directoire style with 2 sliding elements to double the storage volume.Dimensions: L 274 x H 236 x W 52 cm. Custom manufacturing ...
6 990,00 €
Solid wood custom bookcase
Arrangement of a piece in solid wood corner bookcase custom.Manufacture on demand and made to measure, Bookcase in cherry or solid oak Directoire style, Library ...
Library arrangement around a fireplace
Arrangement of a room in directoire library in solid oak.Libraries around a chimney.Tint of your choice, style of your choice.Delivery and installation in your room.We will ...
DH Cherry modular bookcase
TV cabinet solid wood bookshelves, solid cherry, ash and chestnut solid wood background and shelves.3 elements make up this library.2 elements of 62 cm on each side, 1 ...
4 450,00 €
Customized style corner bookcase Drectoire
Manufacture of corner bookcase furniture in oak or solid cherrywood in directoire style to measure.Observe the work of the corner of the library which is curved and convex.Very high production ...
19 800,00 €
Custom cherry corner bookcase
3 corner bookcase in solid cherry from France, background and shelves in various solid wood (chestnut or solid ash) .Dimensions: L 196.5 X L 196.5 X H 229 x P 45 cm.Manufacture top ...
Directoire oak TV library ref DH
Directoire style TV bookcase in solid oak, 2 sliding elements to hide your TV screen and store your books, DVDs, CDs. Shelves adjustable in height.2 doors, 6 ...
6 540,00 €
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15 results
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